We do have people inquire about Pastor Ray Miranda performing a wedding ceremony. For the most part, Pastor Ray Performs ceremonies for those who are part of the congregation he serves (The STORY). Because of the relational, spiritual and church components that are to be part of a marriage, it would be extremely difficult to assess things things without prior knowledge of the couple in a timely manner. This is both true for people who are family members of someone who is part of The STORY or people with no relational connection. Because Ray performes a Christan ceremony, both husband and wife must be Christ-followers with a story of how they came to faith. With words like, "I dedicate my marriage in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.." being part of the ceremony, we want to make sure this is consistent with a person's beliefs and their desires.

Both husband and wife must currently be part of a church body (connected, serving, inviting and giving). Because of this, Ray encourages the couple who are inquiring to find a pastor who serves in the same community they are part of. Since they are involved in this community, a relationship on some level with a pastor should be likely. 

If someone who is part of The STORY desires to have a ceremony performed by Ray, it will require 6 months notice. The reason for the 6 months is that time must be made for the counseling process. Additionally, it is not likely that Ray can perform a ceremony if there is a scheduling conflict or if weekend travel is required.

If you have any questions, you can email