How Did We Get Our Name?

Everybody loves a good story.  And a good story can bring about in us everything from fear to inspiration.  The truth is, we all have a story.  I wonder, what’s your story?  I bet your story has its share of both highs and lows…mine too.  I believe that, like me, you have something at the core of who you are that imagines the possibilities of what your story could become.  As you consider your past experiences, your present circumstances and your future hopes, do you wonder where your story is headed?  I do.
Interestingly enough, your story and mine, the stories of our families, coworkers, friends, neighbors and all those around us weave together into one big story.  There is a plot, a theme, there are twists and turns…there is a even a villain and a hero.  This is the story of God and it is the greatest story ever told.  You’re invited to come along as together we find the place that God has for us in His story.  We can be sure that the Creator of the universe has come up with something that is beyond our wildest dreams.
Why the name the Story church?  Because it is this wondrous and true story that has brought us all together in the first place.