Be Part of the Story

Be Part Of The STORY

We all have a story and it is part of a larger story - God’s. It is a true story and it is the greatest story ever told. We want you to live a great story and we believe that happens by finding your place in God’s story. A critical part of this is doing more than attending the Sunday gathering. We want to be a people where the life-change is so contagious we can’t possibly keep it to ourselves. In order to be that kind of church, we need the help of people  who desire to grow in their faith while helping others grow in their faith. To be part of the story we ask you to do four things: Connect. Serve. Invite. % Give. A great way to hear more of the story about The STORY is to come to our Next Step Environment:

Have questions about The STORY? Wondering how to get connected or more involved? We'd love to help. No matter where you are in life or how many times you've visited our Sunday Gathering, we're here to guide you toward your next best step. Join us for our next step gathering and learn what it means to to be part of The STORY. Our next opportunity will be Sunday, December 2nd after our church gathering (11:30-12:30). Food will be provided. Contact to sign up.

Connect - Growing spiritually does not happen when we know what Jesus says. It happens when we apply what he says. Application happens best when we grow in our faith with others. To grow spiritually, we have to be connected relationally. While we do have regular opportunites to take connect (keep your eye out for opportunites for events) but Community Groups are a huge key to helping people connect with others in their faith. To see a list of our Community Groups, click here.

Serve - We believe when people engage in service, it leads to life-change. Part of this is serving one another in our Sunday Gathering. For those who are part of  the story, we ask that they play their role as we help people find their place in God’s story. Click here for opportunities to serve.

Invite - We believe it is vital that, as we become engaged in the church, we help others engage in the church as well. The Lord wants  to us to help others to experience life-change. It means that we care about them and get to know them. While we do, we invite them and encourage them in loving ways to be part of the story.

% Give - Thank you for your interest in being part of the story. Your giving enables us to create the quality environments that helps lead to life-change and growing faith. Your giving also helps us build into people who are part of our church and reach out to people who are not part of the church.  For your convenience, we’ve provided several ways you can give. To better understand what the Lord says about giving, click here. To see some of the ways we’ve reached into the community with our resources, click here.