Ray Miranda

Served on a church staff of a Non-Denominational Church with an average weekend attendance of 1,500 (2005 - 2008). Connection Pastor (Overseeing Men’s, Women’s, Married, Single, Small Group’s, Events, Seminars and Classes), Programming Team Member (Helped plan weekend services)
Served first as a volunteer then as a staff member in a church that experienced weekend attendance growth from 4000 to 18,000 in 7 years  (1998-2005).  Small Groups Pastor, Assimilation Pastor, Men’s Ministry Pastor, Class Communicator (Teacher)
Ray LOVES to spend time with family and friends.  He and his wife, Jazen, have two boys, a girl and live in Wylie, TX.  
A note from Ray
To the surprise of my family, friends and co-workers I became a Christian on March 1, 1998.  My involvement in church continued to surprise as I went from regular attendance to volunteering to leading to eventually  becoming a pastor.  Without a doubt, nobody was more surprised than me.  In February of 2009, after months of prayer and conversation with organizations, churches, friends, family and former co-workers…I, along with others, felt compelled that it was time to start a church in the growing areas of Wylie, Murphy, Sachse, Rowlett and other communities with the church itself being in Wylie, TX.  On March 1, 2009, 11 years to the day after becoming a Christian, I gathered in my home with my wife and some friends to discuss the direction of a new church.  We started the church the following weekend.  This is the biggest faith risk that I have ever taken…I am thankful God put whatever He did in order for us to say yes to Him. I pray that the reliance on Christ that we have grows with every step we take.  I ask God to help us become what He would have us become – nothing more, nothing less.