If you are not part of The STORY you've missed out on the big news. The STORY has been together for about 12 years with more stories and more blessings than we could count. A process over the last 3-4 months has led to a big decision. We are becoming part of Chase Oaks Church - Woodbridge. Our pastor, Ray Miranda will be on staff as the Adult Ministry Pastor. You are invited to join us to be part of this great church. 


To grow in your understanding of what the Bible says about giving, generosity, stewardship, financial peace and more - listen to our series called...

Right on the Money

Right On The Money Week 1: It's Not Yours

Right On The Money Week 2: Your Treasure Is Where Your Heart Is

Right On The Money Week 3: The Bottom Line

Right On the Money Week 4: A Plan That Makes Sense

Right On The Money Week 5: Debt: You Didn't Know What You Were Getting Into

Right On The Money Week 6: Why We Buy What We Buy

Right On The Money Week 7: It's Not About Money