End Of Year Offering


An end of year offering is a financial gift that is Above & Beyond what we would normally give. Otherwise it is just a shifting of money which we are not in a position to do. For 2019, please consider this: One of the most important aspects of a church is the children’s ministry. A strong children’s ministry makes for a strong church. We want our children’s leadership to not feel handcuffed in their leadership and to know they have all they need to fully engage our kids. 70% of our year end offering will go to the children’s ministry with the other 30% going to our general church fund. Anything above our goal will go to the general fund where we have plenty of opportunities to utilize it.

If you give Above & Beyond your normal giving, please give this separately and label it Above and Beyond. Also note that another way to help our children's ministries is to ensure your children take part each Sunday while also inviting families who have children that fit these ages. We have wonderful things in place and what we need now is more wonderful children. Below is a goal and its breakdown:

Upstreet Curriculum (K-6th) = $1200.
Check in system = $168.
Weekly Needs for the year (Decorations, Materials, Prizes...etc) -

Upstreet - $520 and Waumba Land $364 = $884. Printing ($20/month) = $240.
Microsoft (for software use) = $54.
Total $2546.

Future Needs For When We Are Able:
Waumba Land Curriculum (Birth - Pre-School) - $935
Student Curriculum - $1180
While we have good things in place for these environments, we want the best! Thank you!