Be Rich

Be Rich (In Good Deeds):

Be Rich 2018

For 2018, we started to build a relationship with the Founders Nursing and Resource Center which is right by our buiding. Our kids made special gifts for their Thanksgiving Dinner and taken other steps to get to know them. 

Additionally, we gave out money to families in our church one Sunday. There instricution was to give prayerfully give the money away and then to share the STORY of who, what and why.

Be Rich 2017 

Be Rich (In good deeds, that is).

Over the last several years we’ve found ways to powerfully serve and give toward our community. During Be Rich 2017, we poured ourselves into the Christmas Outreach which was started by a group we’ve partnered with numbeous times - The Bridge Connection. We served families with honor and help them experience a very special Christmas in a wonderfully personal way.


A memorable family night out included dinner, shopping for the parents and children, a campfire with smores, gift wrapping, prayer, a children's play area and family photos with Santa.

We were thankful to donate gifts that were given away for free and we gave our time to help make this event happen.This community opportunity is just one way we were able to be on the move as The Body of Christ in our very own community.

To watch a powerful video of what we were part of last year, enjoy this video:

Be Rich 2016

If you had the opportunity to help change the world, and it was easy, would you do it? Through Be Rich, we get to give to people in our local community who need it. Whether it is giving food, clothes, gifts, money or supporting local organizations that serve the community well - this is an opportunity to impact peoples lives. Our motivation comes from 1 Timothy 6:18: “Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.” We are asking individuals to give financially toward Be Rich so we can use it to impact others. Every single penny will go toward people who need it.

Another aspect of Be Rich is giving our time. We will partner with The Bridge Connection Christmas Outreach to help provide families with Christmas gifts and clothing who would not be able to have one otherwise. 


Thank you to everyone who gave to BE RICH! We raised $1919.00 and every single penny will be given away. This has started by giving every family who showed up on Sunday, December 18th some money to give away. Here's what you do: 1. Prayerfully consider who the Lord would have you give the money to. 2. Give the money. 3. Email the story of who you gave it to and why to Some of our stories will be used to encourage others but your name will not be attached to the story. Be sure to do this third step as we must ensure that all the money is being given away.

To read some of these stories, click here.

Update On Other Giving (beyond envelope give away):

--We have given to an individual who has had a very difficult 2016.

--Money was given to a man who has dealt with incredible family, financial and circumstancial difficulty for a lot of years.

--A donation was made to strong heart ministires which is a gym who spreads the gospel while functioning on donations.

--Money has been given to a single mom who has an incredible amount of responsibility while working a lot of hours.

--We asked The Bridge Connection in Wylie, what is most needed to serve those who come to them for help locally. At their request, we purchased A LOT of hygiene and personal products including lotion, feminine products, shampoo, soap, deoderant, underwear for teens and adults (they often have donations for children but not as much that could be worn by teens), vitamins, socks, toothpaste, razors and more.

--A financial gift was given to Russell and Ginger Shocklee who run The Bridge Connection. They pour their heart, their time, their love and their money to people who need it. They've also given The STORY Church a wonderful avenue to serve the community in many ways. This, along with our service, is part of our thanks. It turns out that this week is their anniversary so that's an extra fun bonus.

--Money will be used at a later time to encourage teachers in some way (probably a meal with a encouraging note of thanks).

Christmas Outreach

A HUGE thank you to those who helped make this happen.

We partnered with The Bridge Connection to help 115 mothers, 53 fathers and 351 kids (so far) which equals a total of 519 guests. By the way, this number continues to grow as people are continuing to be helped.

To hear the sermon announcing Be Rich for 2016, click here.


Be Rich 2015
On December 13, we raised $2011 to give away to people who need it. This is what we are doing with the money:
--Helping a single mom of four kids give presents to her children.
--Our Teen Group is making special blankets for people in a nursing home.
--Buying clothing for a struggling family.
--Giving a little financial help to someone who has lost his job.
--Buying winter jackets for people in need that we'll donate to the Bridge Connection which serves the poor and struggling in Wylie.
--Giving gifts to the family of Jeremiah Hart who is a 9 year old Wylie boy who was severely injured in an accident at Firewheel Mall. 
--Purchasing food to donate to the Bridge Connection. 
--Donating the food for the meal at an Adopt a Block event that feeds people and gives food and clothing who need it.

--Spontaneously giving money to a kind waitress.

--Feeding the Staff and Teachers at Watkins Elementary where we gather on Sunday to thank them for all they do for parents and children.

Thank you to everyone who gave and for those who are helping make each of these things happen. 
 1 Timothy 6:18: “Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.” 
To listen to a perspective changing sermon called Be Rich, click here.