Who We Are

The Problem: We see that, in our culture, people don't believe God is awesome, the church is worthwhile or that their lives can really change the world. 

The Solution (Our Vision): Because of this, we desire to be a church where the life-change is so contagious we can't possibly keep it to ourselves.

Our Mission (Our Strategy): We accomplish this by helping people who want more out of life to live a better STORY by guiding them to the satisfaction of becoming the person they were meant to be.

The Reason: We want to be part of the solution.

The STORY Church is a non-denominational church that started from scratch with no denominational ties and no “sending church.” Ray Miranda serves as the pastor of The STORY. He became a Christ-follower on March 1, 1998 and worked on staff with two other churches before starting The STORY in his home with a handfull of families. 

If you are looking for prayer, you can contact our Prayer Team Point Person Rick Howard at RIck.Howard@SKNRLLC.com.